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What people have said about Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer and the accompanying audio visual imagery CD, Fighting Cancer.

"This is what the doctors should be giving every patient the first day you walk into their office.

I’m taking this with me to chemo. 

I wake up in the morning and sometimes I’m in sheer panic and I can’t bring myself to get out of bed.  I put the CD on softly and listen to it mindlessly without actually doing the visualization, I just listen. 

When I was first diagnosed, handing me the CD was the first real ammunition to say I can fight back, I have a plan, and I can win. 

It’s a powerful tool for me.  It’s self-empowering.  The CD empowers you." - Naomi, cancer survivor

“…an empowering CD.”
Dolores Fals, facilitator of Powerful Mind group at TWC

This is different from all the rest.  It takes you on a journey, and clears your mind.

 “…Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer …. a unique blend of a warm, personal approach with accurate and up-to-date medical and psychosocial information will make it an invaluable tool not only for cancer patients, but for family, friends, caretakers and others working toward the most effective integrative interventions.”
Carolyn S. Garwood, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Counseling Psychology
University of Miami

“… very valuable to many cancer patients from newly diagnosed to those who have been in treatment for a while.”
Peggy Rios, Ph.D.
Program Director, The Wellness Community of Greater Miami

….a wonderful, comprehensive and empowering workbook that will give the reader the gift of freedom over cancer.

As a physician and close relative of a cancer patient, Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer gave me hope and positive feelings for all those fighting this battle.  After reading the workbook, I wanted to share it with everyone I know.

Debra G. Kenward, MD

 “…easy to read, concise and creative.”

Sumeet Chandra, M.D.
Dept. of Hematology/Oncology
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Dr. Stephanie Carter’s Relaxing Meditations for Health and Healing, Fighting Cancer …, we are now including it in our “buddie bags” to be distributed to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.  As a breast cancer survivor myself, I wish I had something comforting and relaxing, such as this, when I was undergoing treatment. 
Rose Jacobson, Administrator
A Buddie For You Program
A joint venture with The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Dr. Carter has written a clear, concise, and instructional workbook that is full of invaluable information…. She shows the reader how to feel more and more empowered with each chapter.  It’s wonderful.
Barbara Bloom, Ph.D.,  Psychologist

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, I have read and reviewed hundreds of manuals and books about cancer care. I have never encountered anything that comes close to Carter’s workbook, Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer. ….  One feels as though they have put themselves into the hands of a most compassionate guiding heart who leads you through a difficult journey to peace and healing.                                                          

Camilla A. Madden Ph.D.
Coordinator of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services at the Veteran’s Administration Black Hills Healthcare System

The diagnosis of cancer is a very stressful time both for the patient and his loved ones.  When this happened to me, I needed the succor and support that the CD was able to give to me in facing the impending surgery and treatment.  It gave me the peace and courage to be able to face it in the right frame of mind which I am convinced was a significant factor in my having been able to deal with the problem and open new and exciting doors to my life which I never suspected were there.

Peter, cancer survivor 

"I was really feeling low until I listened to the tape. I started doing exactly what it was saying and I started feeling the tingling in my toes. I kept telling myself I can do this and my body can do this. Even my doctor said that I had improved remarkably and he couldn't understand how I had made so much progress".

James, cancer survivor

Fighting Cancer
1.  What a wonderful relaxed and healing way to participate in your recovery from cancer.
2. A great visualization to boost your immune system against cancer cells.
3. This CD helps me visualize my immune system attacking my cancer cells.
It’s a great visualization that helps me visualize my immune system attacking cancer.
Barbara , cancer patient

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