Stephanie R. Carter, Ph.D.
Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychology

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South Miami, FL 33143

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I serve a multi-cultural clientele in my private practice. My clients come from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.  I work with children, adolescents and adults; with individuals, couples, families and groups.  Over the years I've learned that treating such a wide range of people has helped me serve everyone better.  I know about problems from childhood, anxieties about the future, and difficulties in the present.  I help you make peace with and grow up from your childhood, create hope and vision for your future, and find meaning and enjoyment in your present.

Problems that people bring may include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • stress
  • illness
  • cancer
  • pain management
  • eating and weight problems
  • quitting smoking
  • habit problems
  • fear of flying and other phobias

They might

  • have suffered a trauma
  • be dealing with aging parents
  • be worried about an unhappy child
  • be grieving the death of a loved one
  • dealing with a divorce
  • a diagnosis of cancer
  • be feeling hopeless about panic attack
  • feel lonely
  • wish their self-esteem were better
  • or maybe they just can't get a good night's sleep

Other people want self-improvement as they enter a new life stage. They want to explore their spirituality, improve their moods, and find greater meaning in their lives. 

I am an integrative psychologist.  That means that I use a wide range of therapies to help you achieve your goals.

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