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With Dr. Stephanie Carter
A series of 5 CDs and 1 Book
Use Your Own Natural Resources to Feel Better
Listen to relaxing imagery with Dr. Carterís soothing voice over calming, classical music.
Each CD has a different focus, depending on your needs.

Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer

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Fighting Cancer

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This CD is healing visual imagery and soothing music designed to help you relax, reduce anxiety and pain, boost your immune system, and to motivate you to fight cancer. It is most effective when used with Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer, an easy to use workbook by Dr. Carter.

"The diagnosis of cancer is a very stressful time both for the patient and his loved ones. When this happened to me, I needed the succor and support that the CD was able to give to me in facing the impending surgery and treatment. It gave me the peace and courage to be able to face it in the right frame of mind which I am convinced was a significant factor in my having been able to deal with the problem and open new and exciting doors to my life which I never suspected were there." ~ Peter, cancer survivor

1. What a wonderful relaxed and healing way to participate in your recovery from cancer.
2. A great visualization to boost your immune system against cancer cells.
3. This CD helps me visualize my immune system attacking my cancer cells.

"What a wonderful relaxed and healing way to participate in your recovery from cancer. Itís a great visualization that helps me visualize my immune system attacking cancer." ~ Barbara , cancer patient

"I like the detail. I like learning about the cells. The unique part is knowing about the different cells and what they do. It helps me to concentrate better, knowing how they battle and how they function." ~ Al, cancer survivor

"I like your soft voice, the soft music, the soft wind chimes, and the soft waves. The combination of all the different sounds makes it very soothing. It gives you a continuity as it begins with wind chimes and waves and ends with wind chimes and waves. It felt connected.

I like the long period of time you give, knowing that youíre coming out of the relaxation. It becomes clear that this is the end of the CD. It doesnít end abruptly and you know whatís coming.

Itís a good length, time wise. Itís easy." ~ Sharon, cancer survivor

"Even when my mind wandered from the words, the chimes, music, and waves were enough. The combination is remarkable." ~ Barbara, cancer survivor

"When I listen to the relaxation exercise, I find it easy to drift. But the makeup of your entire CD made it easy to come back to any of the elements. Your voice, the waves, the music, or the chimes. All these sounds gave me the option of what to focus on to feel relaxed. It gives me flexibility.

Itís an empowering CD. You take from it what helps you. Itís even emotionally healing, that is, it heals emotional aspects of what cancer patients go through." ~ Dolores

"This is what the doctors should be giving every patient the first day you walk into their office.

Iím taking this with me to chemo. The CD is the very right thing to listen to when youíre getting chemo treatment because as the chemo is coursing through your body the CD is coursing through your mind and the 2 cemented together can give you a positive experience.

Another use is initially when you first get diagnosed. Youíre in the depth of despair and you feel there is no way out for you. The CD shines a ray of hope that you can have some control over this uncontrollable situation.

And itís not just the CD; itís your words. Your voice is the most calming, healing, sensitive, and soothing voice. Itís the voice of reason. The sound of your voice is just so soothing. If it were someone else on the CD it would not be the same. You have a gentle assertiveness in your voice.

I knew your voice before I knew you. I had the surgery tape. Your voice is recognizable and calming to me. So to hear your voice again on the cancer CD was so calming.

I wake up in the morning and sometimes Iím in sheer panic and I canít bring myself to get out of bed. I put the CD on softly and listen to it mindlessly without actually doing the visualization, I just listen. Sometimes I donít have the strength to participate in the visualization because Iím so distraught, that I just listen and let the CD take me into a relaxed state of mind, so that I feel the CD is working for me and it takes me to a more relaxed state of mind. Sometimes I listen to it over and over again. It relaxes me and I get rest, even when I havenít slept well. Whether Iím actively or passively participating I feel like the CD is still working for me and Iím just absorbing the knowledge from the CD unconsciously. I put myself in a relaxed state. Itís calming and I can begin my day.

When I was first diagnosed, handing me the CD was the first real ammunition to say I can fight back, I have a plan, and I can win.

When they put the chemo into me, Iíll close my eyes and let it and the CD flow through my body. Iíll bring my blanket, my teddy bear, and my CD.

Itís a powerful tool for me. Itís self-empowering. The CD empowers you. You cannot just turn over your body to your doctor. You must empower yourself and the CD is the beginning of this process. Because ultimately, itís a team effort.

This is what the doctors should be giving every patient the first day you walk into their office." ~ Naomi, cancer survivor

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This CD is designed to enhance spirituality. It promotes positive thinking and enhances feelings of well-being. You are guided to draw strength from your past as you look forward to your future. You remember positive people from your past and you reintroduce their love and support into your life now, as you prepare for the future.

"Appreciating is wonderful. It helped me connect with the good things in my past when I really felt safe, when I was with my grandmother, my aunt, and my uncle. It makes you feel safe in the world and then connects you to today. You see, in Appreciating, you can go back and feel safe and then bring that back with you to today, and you know you can go out in the world and face problems because you can go back to your past and find strength and safety and connect it to today. Thereís something in the CD - warmth and security - that brings you back to a safe times so that you know, no matter what happens, youíll be alright. Even if things are bad in the world, this helps you find your own safety net.

When I get depressed, I always play this tape." ~ Pat

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This CD is for you to use anytime you want to relax and let go of all your tension and worries.  It is for you when you want to relieve pain, calm your thoughts, and sleep restfully. It can be used by itself or with any other of Dr. Carterís CDs because it is helpful in any situation.

Create Your Unique Relaxing Place is soothing and so relaxing.  I listen to it any time Iím stressed and anytime I want to relax. - Bob

I practice the exercise on this CD at least once a day.  I find that it lessens my pain and sometimes even completely relieves the pain. - Connie

This is such an easy guided imagery to do.  All I do is put it in my CD player and listen to it once a day, or sometimes more that once, and relax and forget about the pain.  Dr. Carter guides you to create an imaginary journey that is different for everyone.   Get so into it, that I relax and pain seems to disappear.  If the pain returns, I have learned how to dot eh easy exercise by myself, so I can ease pain anytime I want by using my imagination in the way Dr. Carter shows you on the CD.  The music is beautiful, Dr. Carterís voice is calming, and the imagery is from my own imagination.  I use less pain medication now. -  Marilyn

Like Dr. Carter says on the CD, I feel the comfort in my body.  Itís so nice to think of comfort instead of pain.- Lou

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This CD is designed to help you during your entire surgical experience.  It is easy to use.

        Listen as many times as you can before surgery.

        Listen during surgery. Tell your surgeon that you would like to listen during surgery.  Most surgeons welcome anything that is safe and helpful, so he/she will welcome this, too.  Be sure to get a CD player and learn how to set it for continuous play so ht the exercise will repeat over and over again during the whole time of your surgery. Get earphones so you can listen without distracting your surgical team.  Remember to get fresh batteries for your CD player.

        Listen after surgery, during your recovery, as many times as you wish.  The suggestions for healing are healthy and positive for both your mind and body.

Research has shown that patients who listen to CDs like this have less post-surgical pain, use less pain medication (you may find you require less pain medication than is prescribed, but please do take what you need), have fewer post-surgery complications, have reduced blood loss, less anxiety, shorter hospital stays, and feel more positive about the surgical experience.  You can, too!

When I had outpatient surgery last summer I used For Your Surgery before, during, and after surgery. It helped me to relax, relieved my anxiety, and aided my recovery.  I would highly recommend this CD to other people because of its soothing qualities.- Susan

Hearing the words ďyou need surgeryĒ is a very frightening experience.  I know that listening to For Your Surgery contributed to my having a very positive surgical experience.  I listened to the CD daily before surgery Ė especially when I felt a ďfreak out momentĒ approaching! Ė and I went into the OR and onto the operating table with my headset on. The CDs definitely helped turn a potentially difficult situation into a very manageable one.   Recommend this CD and Dr. Carterís other CDs to everyone facing a stressful situation, whether itís something as serious as surgery or the normal ďgarden varietyĒ stress we face every day. - Eileen

When people I care about are facing surgery, I wonder what I can do to support them.  When I give them For Your Surgery, I feel that Iíve given them something tangible that can help in their recovery.  That makes both of us feel better. - Deborah

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 For children of all ages

Teach your child how to use his or her imagination to relax and find comfort any time of the day or night, how to calm down from a tantrum, how to let go of fears and worries, and how to fall peacefully asleep. 

There are two tracks. The first is a fun interactive and soothing adventure with playful, gentle sound effects. The second track includes Loving Thoughts, which are affirmations every child needs to hear.

Dr. Carterís A Bedtime Litany is also included inside.  This special and loving bedtime ritual is easy and short.  Parents and children love it.  It works!

Dr. Carter has the sweetest and softest voice. It calms me down. - Jamie, age 10

Honestly, every night I look at her while the CD is on and she has a smile on her face.  A precious little picture in my mind.  I gives her the confidence to conquer the night demons and go to sleep.  She has had terrible fears of the night and this arms her. -  Mother

I credit this with changing my life.  It stopped me from being so hyper-vigilant and allowed me to relax and start enjoying what was around me.  My 6 year old son was bouncing off the walls at 10:00 at night and the CD got him to relax and go to sleep.  The next day he modeled his new relaxation skills and position to a friend who was over our house.  I buy them now as gifts.  I think itís the greatest gift Iíve given because of the fabulous response I get from people who use it. - Lesly

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The Music and Soothing Sound Effects

The background sounds and the music on THE GUIDED IMAGERY COLLECTION are calming arrangement of Pachelbelís Canon in D.  The music was composed in the 17th century and has soothed and uplifted the spirits of people ever since.

On Calming Your Child Night and Day you children will hear special sound effects and music blended together in a calming and playful arrangement of Mozartís Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Children of all ages will relax and feel happy.


Dr. Stephanie Carterís Relaxing Meditations for Health and Healing should not be listened to while driving or while your attention is needed for any other task.  None of Dr. Carterís CDs or books are meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment.  They are additional, effective tools for you to use.  Exercise, healthy eating habits, and social support are other healthy tools.

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