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I often use several of these approaches in the same session.  They compliment each other and help you feel better sooner and easier.

Insight Therapy
Insight therapy means examining your life in such a way that you gain insight into what has happened to you and why you react in the ways you do. You learn how your patterns of thinking, behaving and feeling developed; how they may have been successful coping skills in your family of origin, but they may not work well in your relationships now. You’ll learn how to be more flexible and less reactive to what goes on around you. You’ll feel happier, calmer, and more satisfied.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is learning your own self-talk.  First you'll learn how to examine your thinking patterns, and then learn how to change negative ones into positive, productive and effective ones. You'll learn how to think positively about yourself and others.

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.  When our minds are concentrated and focused, it seems that we're able to use them more powerfully to accomplish our goals, whether they be to feel better, change a habit, reduce pain, recover from an injury, prepare for surgery, fall asleep easily, or understand why we feel certain ways or do certain things.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful new method of doing psychotherapy. By the end of the session, most people report a great reduction in their level of disturbance about the issue or event. 

Behavior Therapy
Sometimes we will focus directly on your behavior and talk about how to reward yourself so you perform positive and effective behaviors more often, or we'll focus on how to change your behavior to eliminate or reduce negative, ineffective or self-destructive behaviors. 

Couples Counseling
Couples counseling has a special focus on communication, problem solving, negotiation, values clarification and empathy skills, as two people work together to resolve issues. Couples learn to repair a damaged emotional connection.

Parent Consultations
Parents often call to consult about their children. They may have a problem that needs professional attention. Some parents may want advice on how to handle normal developmental stages or they may want information about appropriate and effective discipline.

Family Therapy
It is very helpful for a family to listen, learn, express feelings and ideas, and problem-solve with a skilled therapist present to facilitate.

Group Work
For more information, please click on Emotional Fitness Program for Women and the Graduate Group.
Play Therapy
Play therapy is designed for children up to the age of about 12 years old.  Some children find it difficult to talk directly about their problems. Instead of “saying” their problems, they “play” their problems.  Play is their primary form of both communication and the working through of issues to resolution. 

Visual Imagery
Visual imagery helps you understand yourself better, pin-point what is bothering you, solve problems, and develop your vision for your future.  It is an excellent tool for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  Click on “About the Bear” for an example.       

Meditation and Relaxation for Health and Healing
Learn how to calm your bodies and mind to promote good health and enhance healing.  Please see my Guided Imagery Collection.
Spiritual Exploration
"What is the meaning in my life?"  "What is the meaning of my loved one in my life now that he/she has died?"  "How will I recover from this grief?"  “What does spirituality mean to me?” Exploring your spiritual beliefs and experiences will help answer these and other questions and brings you comfort and peace.

Stress Reduction       
Figure out what you can and cannot change in your environment and what inside yourself needs to change. You’ll find that although some of the same things may be happening in your life, your responses to them will be calmer and thus, you’ll feel less stressed.

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