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Group Programs and Workshops
Learn positive thinking skills

Many women suffer from chronic stress, which can easily lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.  Do you have any of the following?


an inability to concentrate



physical complaints

difficulty making decisions

getting sick frequently

decreased activity  


changes in appetite

sleep changes

missing work

a blue, dejected mood

feeling disconnected from others

relationship problems


growing self-concern

a pessimistic outlook

hopeless attitude     

desire for self-exploration

feeling stuck in a rut

If you answered “yes” to anything on the list, then one of my groups might be just what you need!  Call me. An appointment to learn more about the program is FREE!

Emotional Fitness Group for Women
Learn skills you need to make your life work well

This is an 6 - 8 week course.  I offer this group several times a year, so please call me to find out when the next group begins. Join a supportive, small group of women to learn how to think positively about yourself and others. Change old thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, so you can break away from old patterns and feel better.  The course includes

  • brief lectures

  • women’s workbook

  • group discussion

  • practical exercises

  • relaxation and visualization

A new group may be forming now. This program is effective and enjoyable, and it all happens in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

For a free appointment to learn about the program, please call Dr. Stephanie Carter at 305.275.2269

Emotional Fitness Graduate Group

This is the ongoing group open to women who have completed the Emotional Fitness Group for Women.

If you have a group of women who would like the take the course together, please call. The minimum number is 4 women per group.

Both groups are fun, warm and supportive.


I offer workshops on various topics in the fall and spring. Please call for more information.

Here’s what previous participants say:

“The connection and power from the group was awesome!”

“It was a time to relax and allowed everyone to be free of all the stressors of the outside world.”

“…I felt a great sense of positive energy.”

“…an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-energize.”

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