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Taking Charge of Fighting CancerOrder the book through Amazon by clicking this link.

Book synopsis

I wrote Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer as a user-friendly book for people who are newly diagnosed as well as for people well into their recovery process.  It makes a wonderful and caring gift.  It is an easy to use workbook and you can order the soothing audio CD Fighting Cancer, (Buy it at CD Baby) which I created to be used with this book, to calm and motivate you to fight for victory over cancer.  I show you how to immediately lessen your anxiety and develop the winning attitude you need to fight cancer.  You can do the chapters and the mental exercises in any order to fit your own needs and pace.  The CD contains soothing and motivating visual imagery with calming music and sound effects to relieve your anxiety, reduce pain, promote healing, and boost your immune system right away.  It motivates and calms you.


Personal Introduction


Introduction: About the Workbook


1. Taking Charge: You First! Listening to the Fighting Cancer CD.
Boosting Your Immune System


2. Taking Charge: Understanding Your Feelings. The Translation Process


3. Taking Charge: Captain of the team. Integrative Care:
Medical, Complementary and Alternative Care


4. Taking Charge: Positive Thinking = Powerful Mind


5. Taking Charge: Connection, Communication, and Support


6. Taking Charge: Spirituality


7. Taking Charge: Taking Action: My Plan




The Guided Imagery Collection


"This is what the doctors should be giving every patient the first day you walk into their office.

Im taking this with me to chemo. 

I wake up in the morning and sometimes Im in sheer panic and I cant bring myself to get out of bed.  I put the CD on softly and listen to it mindlessly without actually doing the visualization, I just listen. 

When I was first diagnosed, handing me the CD was the first real ammunition to say I can fight back, I have a plan, and I can win. 

Its a powerful tool for me.  Its self-empowering.  The CD empowers you." -Naomi, cancer survivor

an empowering CD.
Dolores Fals, facilitator of Powerful Mind group at TWC

"This is different from all the rest.  It takes you on a journey, and clears your mind." - Deborah

 Taking Charge of Fighting Cancer . a unique blend of a warm, personal approach with accurate and up-to-date medical and psychosocial information will make it an invaluable tool not only for cancer patients, but for family, friends, caretakers and others working toward the most effective integrative interventions.
Carolyn S. Garwood, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Counseling Psychology
University of Miami

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